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Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is a hand crafted water-based mineral paint, which is environmentally-friendly and made without the use of chemical, solvents or toxins found in traditional paints. Cornish Milk has an extremely low natural VOC content with only 9g per litre and proudly contains no added VOCs from chemicals.

Made only from the highest quality ingredients and organic earth pigments sourced within the UK.

Cornish Milk offers superior coverage and requires minimal prep and can be used on almost all paintable surfaces, inside and outside your home.

Try for yourself and see why Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is a much loved UK decorative Paint.

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint

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What is Cornish Milk Mineral Paint®?
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® is a water-based decorative paint that’s been created by Reece and Joe ”The Cornish Furniture Painters”.
We both love using Milk Paints on our own upcycling projects, so created our own mineral based paint, which would replicate the same beautiful smooth, durable and matt finish as a milk paint achieved, but without the need of mixing a powder to water. Cornish Milk is already premixed and all you need to do is open your carton/tin and start painting.
You can achieve many different finishes with Cornish Milk Mineral Paint®, from shabby chic, to an ultra smooth modern finish and chippy Cornish farmhouse designs. Our mineral paint is so versatile and is very easy to use.
Is Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® durable?

Built-In Ultra-durable, Water, Stain & Scrub resistant Top-Coat. No waxing or varnish required, unless for high traffic areas. 

Which surfaces can Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® be applied to?

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® can be applied to many different paintable surfaces, including the following: 

Furniture, walls, wood, stone, concrete, outside furniture, stone, tiles, glass, textiles and every other paintable surface you can think off. 
If you can paint it, then Cornish Milk Mineral Paint® will be the paint to use, as we’re the UK’s all-in-one mineral paint.
Do I have to prepare my surfaces before painting?

Preparation is simple and doesn’t take too much time and is a vital step we very highly recommend before painting with Cornish Milk Mineral Paint®, to achieve the best finish. 

Follow our very simple guide below to ensure you get the best possible results. You may require a quick clean to remove dust/dirt, or you may not need to follow all of these steps below, but only if your surface requires it. 
Most of the time all you will need to do is clean and then paint. 
However, depending on your particular surface and any previous coatings such as wax, varnish or previously painted surfaces, you will need to (1) Clean (2) Remove any wax (3)Lightly sand to key the surface to create a surface the paint can adhere to and then finally (4) Clean again before painting in your chosen Cornish Milk colour.
If you believe your surface has a wax coating on the surface, you can usually tell by giving the surface a light sand and if the sand paper is getting a wax building up, you will want to stop and remove the wax before painting. Cornish Milk is water based and will not adhere to oil-based waxes. 
Sanding is highly recommended on high gloss/varnished surfaces or when you are trying to remove stubborn coatings such as previous painted surfaces. 
No Priming is necessary as this is built into our Cornish Milk formula, but many of our stockists and users like to prime as a preparation measure. We do have a Cornish Milk Eco-Traditional Primer available in 500ml cartons.  
Preparation will insure that your newly painted project will have the best possible finish.

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